Thank you for signing up for our Spiritual Connections opportunity at The Branch. 

Prior to your first shift in Spiritual Connections, we will send you a form to complete and return so that we can run a background check. (We will not be conducting a credit check, but we are required to send you the information concerning a credit check.) We would also like to have a short conversation with you before you begin, just to get to know you. We will set up a time for a brief phone or Zoom call. 

Here are some  thoughts about how to engage from our experience with our neighbors and volunteers:

You could be outside greeting cars as they drive up. You can chat and offer to pray for them as you feel led. They may not understand you if they don't speak English but with motions and gestures, many will know what you are offering. You may find yourself wanting to help them load their cars and that is fine too, of course. There is always WORK to do that is physical but we are asking God to also make us sensitive to the spiritual. 

Feel total freedom to stop and eat lunch and be with the volunteers.  We know that being with them is a big part of our spiritual work as well. Over time they may share burdens and offer ways to pray for them.

Feel free to float inside and serve as you wish.

We have no set agenda of what we want our Spiritual Connectors to do. We just want to begin maintaining and fostering a presence of spiritual care that people know is on site. Give us any feedback. Let's figure this out together!

The Branch of Nashville

Spiritual Care at The Branch

41 Tusculum Rd.

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