The Branch of Nashville

Client Services

41 Tusculum Rd
The Branch of Nashville- Do you love to work directly with people? We have opportunities to help our neighbors feel welcome when they come get food from The Branch: 

Volunteering in client services:

- Volunteer(s) will Initially welcome and screen neighbors for whether they have an appointment, if it’s their first time, or if they need coordinated care.

- Volunteer(s) is responsible for collecting the IDs for clients/neighbors

- Volunteer(s) will direct people if they need to come inside or client needs to stay in their cars to continue to pull ahead.

- Volunteer(s) helps any neighbor who is filling out the two-page pantry intake and/or helps show someone how to make an appointment in the future. This person needs to feel comfortable using a translation app.

-Volunteer (s) are responsible for giving the IDs to the Pantry intake volunteer and then taking 1 cart at a time from the gym area to the neighbor/client's car.

- Volunteers interested on volunteering in client services will go through a 30-45 minutes virtual orientation with volunteer director prior to volunteering in this area.

There are no shifts available at this time.

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